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What is the Roman room system?


The Roman room system is not Roman: this may come as somewhat of a shock to many, after all it is called the Roman room system. It was used be those in the senate in Rome, it was a way of remembering huge amounts of information and it also was there to impress the masses. The senators realised that by being able to remember things which they could not would impress those they rule and so make ruling easier, because they would see the senators as mentally superior, and not just richer and born into noble families.

The Roman room system is a mnemonic system: a memory system. In the Roman room system a person either chooses a room they already know, or mentally created a new one. They then use it to remember things by placing these at points where there are objects in the room. These act as posts that help you remember the items placed there: in this way it is linked to the information you already know: the room which is either already known or thoroughly memorised: this aids memorisation.

However the Roman room system: actually create by the Greeks: was also used in the ancient world with a much loftier ambition in mind. The ancients created huge mental rooms which they designed to classify all known knowledge. They then set about memorising all known knowledg, and in this way they felt that they could get closer to the Gods; it was their way to gain enlightenment. Although it should be noted that there was less core knowledge in the world then, than there is now.

But to remember the knowledge it needed encoding as visual information. The Roman room system doesn't just rely on linking information to be remembered to things already known: those items in the room: so that they can be remembered, it also relies on encoding. This means that all things must be represented physically, as something. But the act of encoding the information itself is useful, because it condenses the information to be remembered. This means that an entire block of related information would be reduced to one item.

The act of condensing and making information into an object relies on various methods. One is to try to turn things such as numbers into letters and so into words which can then be turned into objects. Another method is part wording where a word may sound like the word to be remembered: and in this way names can easily be remembered as an object. But the act of encoding can be very complex and they set about memorising all knowledge would be immense and a great task even at that time.

But the Roman room system is still used to this day and is used by many people to remember lists of things. When they do this they use a new list each time, and so they can use it to remember a shopping list. In this way it can be used to increase people’s short term memory. These rooms can be of virtually any size and the Roman room system is a great way to remember many objects, words, or even  numbers: as long as the numbers are encoded into objects where a single object may represent a number of three or four digits.

So what is the Roman room system? Well it wasn’t invented by the Romans the Greeks invented it. It used a room or rooms and they may be invented or may be a room or rooms that you already are familiar with. It is then used to remember items, or facts, and in fact anything you can think of a way to turn into an object. It is an extremely powerful memory system. It is used today just as it was thousands of years ago. Now people use it to remember shopping lists, in the past it was a means of memorising all knowledge to get closer to Gods or Goddesses.

By S Rob occult consultant


What is a unicorn?


A unicorn is thought of as being an animal which resembles a white horse but with a horn which grow from the middle of its forehead. A unicorn is generally thought of as being a legendary or magical animal. The idea of a unicorn is occasionally used in the occult because it can be thought of as being a magical and therefore nonphysical creature much akin to fairy folk. However the unicorn was not thought of as being magical by those ancients, because they believed it was an animal which existed in what is present day India.

It was an animal which was in ancient times not always thought of as looking like a horse, it could also resemble a goat. Pictures of the unicorn on seals of the ancient Indus valley civilization: a civilization made quite remarkable by their great trading empire and they had ships which sold items and trader over a huge area. It may seem quite natural for a seal to have a legendary animal on it, but the Indus valley civilization also made much pottery.

One item of pottery from near that area: not the area itself which is highly radioactive: but a one which exhibited influences of the Indus vales civilization but further away and of the same period: had on it a representation of a strange animal. I found however that upon googling I found that the animal still exists in modern day India. This makes me think: just because there are no traces of the unicorn does not mean it didn’t exist.

The oddness of the statement that maybe they existed without modern trace may appear less so when you learn that the Indus valley civilization was destroyed in what resembles a nuclear explosion: which is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Modern science believes that the explosion was caused by geology and two geological plates rubbing each other so strongly that it caused what geologically would be thought of as being a very rare event or a geologically caused nuclear explosion.

The explosion wiped out the Indus valley Civilization completely and to get into the place itself researchers wear protective suits to deal with the radioactivity. It therefore makes me wonder if a unicorns being placed on a seal was an indication of its rarity; just as the civilization was wiped out so could the unicorns be. The small numbers of unicorns would make them difficult to find, especially if they were within the city walls itself: the area most radioactive.

However the unicorn has also be described as being goat like and so the unicorn could literally be a type of goat and there could still be living examples today. But to many the unicorn exists as magical and being a representation of innocence and purity. But it stands in quite an unusual position where magical beings concerned. Because using the idea of a unicorn in magic is quite unpopular at the time of writing.

However the unicorn has been represented in many books and films. It is an easy way to make things magical. In many ways just as a dragon represents magic and it too finds itself in many books and films, so does the unicorn. To many it represents all that is good. This means that a unicorn can be many things. It can be a legendary creature. It can be an animal which actually lived. It may look like a horse with a horn, or be goat like. It can be seen from a film, or from the seals of the Indus valley civilization.

Unicorns represent many things to many people. So I suppose the real question is: did it exist, was it real? To many it is a magical being: but so is the salamander and that was once thought of as being myth too, until it was discovered. If the unicorn is horse like then if it was a real being it would have been seen if it survive. But if it resembled a goat then it could still exist in modern day India as a type goat.

By S Rob occult consultant


What is a time slip?


The answer to the question what is a time slip is not as simple as one may think. At first look it may seem as simple as a slip in time: I will explain why this is not necessarily so later on. Those people who have claim to have seen a time slip say that it is when a person finds themselves in a situation where either one or two times are seen at the same time or when a person seems to be outside of their own time. It should be noted that we would probably only hear from those that got safely back: it may be difficult to be believed in the past, or find it easy to get believed, but difficult to not get put to death as a witch or more simply they may find that could not survive long enough to tell anyone.

Many of these situations however can also be thought of as being haunting, and many haunting may be time slips. But also what some people ponder is some or all haunting and time slips may simply be some element of the past getting recorded onto the surroundings: there have no element of time travel at all. But time slips are not always about the past there have been time slips which have been about the future also. Another theory is that a time slip is really a person travelling accidentally through another dimension: parallel reality: and this dimension may or may not be the past, future, or completely different reality altogether.

One famous time slip is in Liverpool and many people have claimed to see a child with no shoes on and a woman cleaning in Liverpool as they walked around: the date of their clothes being from the past. Another time slip that has been seen is in Finchale priory in county Durham. This time slip is where a person saw a bridge transform into an older version as did the surroundings. But this site makes classification difficult because there have also been sightings of demons and ghostly monks.

Another view of time slips is that they, haunting and many other phenomena could all be linked to space or dimensional aliens: that they are merely a way of some sort of alien intelligence testing the psychology of humanity. This view that they are a form of experiment is an interesting one, and one which could classify almost anything, which is either strength or a weakness depending upon how you see it. Another view of time slips is that they are caused by humans by either fabricating them, or a simple mind slip. A mind slip is simple where the mind did not notice something or filled in the details of something incorrectly. So a shop appearing and disappearing as a person walks past can be explained by being a mind slip. Also elements of the past are a part of our lives, just as antiques exist so do, old recordings, so do events and gatherings of re-enactors or people who like to dress from the past.

Many time slips can be explained away as being chance events, where a person sees an old car, or stumbles into a gathering of people who have chosen to gather and dress from a past period. However some time slips are so unusual that they do leap out, such as the Versailles palace time slip where a person was transported back in time hundreds of years and walked around talked to people before coming back to her own time. Another such important time slip happened to Sir Victor Goddard and as he flew before ww2 through a cloud and flew above an airbase and saw planes that weren’t there and of a type did not exist before ww2. He flew back through it and back to his own time. But years later in ww2 he went to the same base and there were the planes he had seen before. So something called a time slip may not be a slip in time; some could be haunting, other phenomena, or simply errors. But Sir Victor Goddard’s story and others do convince me that they do exist.

By S Rob occult consultant


What is a ghost?


The question what is a ghost may seem to have an easy answer: that it is a dead person whose sprits roams the Earth. But it is a highly complicated question. What one person sees as a ghost another may think, of as being something completely different. One person’s ghost is another person’s demon. Also to some people a haunting may be a genie. But on top of this there are the many other complexities: for instance there is the possibility that the sighting is caused by another thing entirely. One theory is that many ghost sightings are caused by human error.

But there are many other possibilities too, one theory is that a ghost is caused by an element of the past being somehow recorded onto the surroundings and what a ghost really is, is the past being played back like a cassette tape, or CD. This is sometimes called the stone tape theory and in many ways comes from the film which brought it up, and then many people came to the realization of it as a possibility.

Another theory is that a ghost may be a time slip: where people unwittingly pass momentarily into another time. This may be partial and so the two times may be blended and so people see the ghost. There is also the possibility that the ghost is a being from another dimension and so is part of a dimension slip. There is also the theory that ghosts and other spooky manifestations originate from aliens and that they are a way for aliens from space or other reality dimensions to test us psychologically. This means that ghosts would be a way of analysing humanity.

If we look at the film ”The matrix”, it says that such things as ghosts are a glitch in the matrix and this brings up the possibility that perhaps that are just part of a simulation gone wrong: except that we would be part of the simulation. Of course the similarly could just be a part of the universe making a mistake after all there is little in our world which has not to varying degrees of success fell to the mathematicalization of everything and so the universe could very much run on equations which may as we would may assume: they may allow for such glitches within their general working.

There also is the possibility that what people see as ghosts are beings of a different type. This would mean that when people see a ghost what they may really be seeing is a magical being, perhaps a demon, angel, fairy folk, or even an alien. This means that many ghost sightings are really sightings of other beings, and that there may even be abductions linked to these experiences. It can be said that people are very quick to classify things in their own cultural terms, and so sightings of different kinds have many similarities.

Of course there is the possibility which itself immediately leaps to mind when people think of ghosts: that they are the spirit of those that have passed on. That people have an immortal soul and that some people’s soul sometimes gets stuck on Earth and that they don’t move onto the next level: normally thought of as some type of afterlife. Some people think that reincarnation is real and so many people think that ghosts are impossible: although it should be noted that ancient Egyptians thought that when someone died the soul split into many parts and so people were reincarnated, became ghosts and moved onto an afterlife all at the same time.

Many people have sought some answer to the question "What is a ghost?" for a long time. Sometimes they simply seek "What is this ghost?". So much so that there are societies for this, such as ”The ghost club founded in 1862” which I am a member of.  So the answer to what is a ghost is very much open to interpretation: it could be the souls of a person who has passed died, or it could be many other things too.

By S Rob occult consultant


How does Egyptian magic work?


The ancient Egyptians used magic as a part of everyday life. Egyptian magic was very much based upon their written language. The hieroglyphics and hieratic a simpler variation which the ancient Egyptians used was very complicated. It could be read from left to right, or right to left, and even up to down or down to up. The clue as to how to read it was given in the form of a picture and you had to guess where the character looked as to which way to read. Also the symbols could be read more than one way: they had a sound and a meaning. This means that you would read it sometimes as a sound in the equivalent of spelling something out in the way letters would be used, and other times as meanings in the way Chinese is read.

This would mean that you had to choose between whether it should be read as a sound or meaning for each part and both commonly being used on a single piece. This all made reading difficult. Hieratics and hieroglyphics were both so complex that only a scribe could write and read them. But they were deliberately complicated because this meant that the scribes had a career, and even the pharaoh and other high status people would not know it: only the scribes.

But to the ancient Egyptians the written word was magic. Egyptian magic was used in place of medicine and many other things. It was a part of ordinary life. There was also a type of wand they had which looks like a boomerang which had language written on it to chase away evil: a similar type of thing is said to be used my freemasons today. There is much written down about Egyptian magic because it was so widespread that it any museum with an ancient Egyptian exhibit will have some Egyptian magic on display.

You can see it as inscriptions on tombs, on many things that the ancient Egyptians had. In fact so much so that the Ancient Egyptian world was magic, it was so widespread. Many translations of Egyptian works: such as the book of the dead….are still read today, and interest many occultists. Partly because in Christianity it is said that Jesus took those good souls from Hell and brought them to Heaven: this means that to many people that Egyptian texts predating Christianity are actually knowledge of Hell. The rules and things they talk about and weighing the soul and even the chance to confess your sins talk of Hell.

But for all this Egyptian magic is really at its heart quite simple. It is that their written language is special and magical and so simply writing down what you want to happen creates a talisman that will have that effect. So once you have written down what you want in ancient Egyptian, you can put it on a wall, carry it around because it is then a talisman. This is really easy if it weren’t for the ancient Egyptians languages complexity. To many modern occultists an ancient Egyptian spell may work because they may have called on a magical entity: many Egyptian gods and goddesses and thought of by many modern occultists as really being demons.  Or because they believe it will work, or even by human will power.

Egyptian magic however can be used for anything at all: if there is no Egyptian word there would be a way of spelling it out although the spelling and sound may be approximate. But there is one other complication which people often erase and that is that ancient Egyptian is different from period to period and say middle kingdom is not the same as earlier of later. So to use it properly you need to specialise in one type of Egyptian: also the language is not easy to write and it is more akin to drawing a picture. But other than that it is straight forward.

By S Rob occult consultant


What does a fae look like?


Although fairy is sometimes used as a term of insult to a person the term fae is older and means a nature spirit. People imagine that fae or fairies are beings small: usually female and with wings. But this is a completely different picture from that seen in most traditional folk and fairy tales. In fact in most traditional tales fairies are male and female fairies very rarely get a mention at all. The idea of wings also is new, and fairies traditionally didn’t have them. They were thought of as nature spirits and sightings of fairies still happen to this day. There are some folk tales which make some fact quite clear: for instance in one traditional folktale there is a door to a fairies house in the side of a wheelbarrow, but the door does not go through to the inside: suggesting that fairies in some way come from another realm or dimension.

There are other tales too, such as fairies being able to make things look different to how they actually are and this is revealed in tales about fairy ointment: which was supposed to be put on their eyes at birth so that their glamour magic would not work on them: glamour magic is where things are made to look differently to how they really are. We in modern times have the idea of fairies being very small: which we get from films. However traditionally fairies could make themselves bigger, even normal human height: although most folktales portray them as being small. There are other interesting points however: such as many tales hint at some people being part fairy and that many humans have mixed fairy, human ancestry. However leprechauns are also thought of as being the result of a male human and a female fairy mating.

However many tales talk of fairies wearing green. They also mention a greenish hue to their skin. So fairies were literally the first little green men. They in common with cases of people seeing aliens, is that fairies could also abduct people and it was said that you should not eat food given by a fairy or they can keep you forever in their realm. Also it was said that time passed differently and a few hours there could mean months or even years when you got back home.  


The shadow people


You may be wondering who these shadow people I am writing about. Or you may be wondering what sort of wack job would bring up such a topic. Well I will start to explain what a shadow person is: you may already know that it is a person who looks like a shadow. Well it is more than this it is a type of being which has been seen many times. A typical scenario would be a person looks around and realises there is a shadow in the shape of a person that is there, but without a person or object whose shadow it is. These shadow men are seen sometimes with red eyes and they move. These beings are thought of by some to be devils: these being distinct from the fallen angels called demons and by many professional occultists and exorcists see them as negative energy: depression… which has coalesced and formed a being. These shadow beings are not thought of as being immortal, they do die.

Their main objective seems to be to make people depressed and who knows how many people have committed suicide because of these beings. However some people see these beings as being a type of genie: obviously quite different from the types you saw in the films. Many exorcisms that I have performed: I am an occult consultant and work on oranum and other places and have done many exorcisms (my other site ) have been to rid people of these shadow beings. But there are also other types too:  many smaller ones are more like shadow animals and are about the size of a human hand and can also be seen moving around as shadows without an object to cast them.

However these smaller shadow beings can grow into larger ones which seem to be usually human shape: reflecting that humanities depression, anger and other negative emotions are the source of them. But these entities can also change the shape they are, and can form similar size shadows, to the ones they usually do: so a shadow man may become a rectangle or other shape. Many people underestimate the sheer amount of these beings which are seen. If you see something which is like one of these entities then ideally you should get a priest or other religious person to perform an exorcism for the place: unless anyone near has a marked change in their personality in which case they may be possessed. The reason for the performance of an exorcism of the place is that the place is possessed: another term would be haunted.  However most priests do not believe in evil or Satan and believe that evil is just about how we act and obviously a person cannot perform an exorcism of any kind unless they believe in evil.

In that case you could always contact me because I have performed many, but another alternative is a cleansing ritual or even protection spell:  because people can also command these entities to hurt someone one such case being a voodoo curse I dealt with which was done by a relative of the person concerned. But also get a bell. The sound of a metal bell ringing hurts these entities because being demonic the high sound hurts them: and this is why in the catholic mass a bell is rung to make sure that the wine used in mass is not possessed. Also sweet smells is something these entities do not like because angels smell sweet. Therefore burning sage or a sweet smelling aerosol spray can work: the spray has to be used in large quantities. But remember if you rely upon a bell and sweet smell:  use them daily to make sure that the entities do not come back and go away permanently. But most of all don’t leave it do something as early as you can.

By S Rob


Aliens or magical beings?

There have been many sightings of what people take to be aliens. There have been many sightings of magical beings. What many people may not have noticed is the similarity between the two.  Until recently, most alien sightings were of little green men.  These sightings many people as being a new phenomenon: they could not be further from the truth. There are many folk tales of fairies. However if you read them you will not find references to fairies with wings, you will find them being referred to as different heights: but shorter than us. What may surprise you is them mention of the colour green. They are mentioned as not just wearing green, but of also being green:  for instance the green skinned children of Woolpit, and also the tale of the fairy ointment: both give mention to green skin. In the tale of fairy ointment, the green skin was supposed to come from a magic ointment that was rubbed over them after birth. Other similarities are abductions. When abduction is mention in folk tales about fairies or various types including leprechauns, there is frequently a loss of time, just as in alien abductions. But other types of aliens too have links to magical beings. The grey alien is now frequently seen by many people. It shows a striking similarity to a picture drawn by Aleister Crowley of Lam: the species name for a magical being which he got contact with. 

At the moment there is many sightings also of reptilian aliens. This links back to the many dragon sightings that there have been in the past: not to mention the fact that the Emperor of Japan’s right to rule comes from the fact that his line is part dragon. The more you look back the more these aliens look the same as, act like, and seem to be magical beings. 


By S Rob


Poetry from my book “The world as I see it by S Rob”


The shadow


I see a shadow on my wall,

Clinging velvet cloak and all,

I wonder where the objects at,

The shadow is there, but where is that,

The shadow it stands there quite tall,

Yet I look around and search the all,

The shadow it is not of me,

Of that I can surely see,

I look for light it shines on me,

And yet and yet still I find,

The shadow of no object finds,

I look a search and still I see,

No object whose shadow it be,

I look at it, it moves at me,

It hides under a shadow see,

Is it gone or draped under the shadow chair,

I really find I stand and stare,

For now I find I cannot see,

If it can look back at me,

Has it stayed a long, long time,

Or wandered off to other clime,

Of what it is I cannot tell,

I am however happy well,

They hide much better than that you see.

It was bad luck it happened to me,

They exist just so let it be,

If ever I see of it again,

I will not make of it a friend,

I shall make myself a cup of tea,

And pretend that of it I cannot see,

Give it time to go and flee,

And hope of all it hasn’t come for me.


Zombie accountants


Sat in a line,

Once more as before,

Choice gone,

Life not lived,

At least not as before,

Raised from dead,

Grave sleep gone,

Owns naught but a pen,

Voodoo priests who I work for,

Doing what I did before,

Death I waited,

Accounted for,

Risen back punished for,

Unpaid labour,

Brain in body rotting corpse,

Doing books,

Paid naught,

Voodoo priest’s car I paid for,

And mansion more,

A zombie’s life is not for me,

For some death is not a chore,

Live your life as best you can,

Voodoo priests avoid when can,

If they come just run away,

When you get home pray oh pray.


Good and bad


 “Bad you say?”

“Good is gone: for good“, say I

With a twinkle in my eye

Glance at you, and then you sigh

“If good is gone for good then does that mean,

With it would be not better too?”

“Good is good and that the truth”,

 Say I lying through chipped tooth

“Bad is bad then”, that’s what he said

He said with brain lying in his head

“Intent is what it really is.

If you wish to be good, bad

Or both”, said I

“What really matters is the truth,

Intent is what you be blessed or blamed for.”

“That is right then I”,

 he said” May lie blamelessly within my bed.”


Poetry from my book “The path”


Visiting Angel


“I saw a white cloak”

“White cloak”, he gasped

“Yes a white cloak hanging from ceiling,

Pointed to floor,

I looked and it was gone,

Like with a flutter from a wand.

It went away; it did not stay at all

Then I saw a sheet near my feet.

Not lying upon the floor.

More drifting in my eye.

I was calmed it did not fly.

Then it could not be seen.

It felt it was still there, it was still unseen.

This is my tale”, I said

“And it is as real as these wrinkles upon head.”

“This tale is fine”, the other man said

“An angel was there, at the foot of your bed.

You lived to tell the tale.

You should not therefore look so pale.”

“I know I am pale” said I

” It was however quite a surprise.

If ever they visit me again,

I will tell them to use of my house a place to stay. If ever their situation does turns that way.”


Beating up the angel of death


“I ponder on what I have seen”

, said I with a tear in my eye

“I look at greatness and give a sigh”,

Say I. With nought more than a look in my eye

A man looks on wearing a dark, dark cloak

I look and say, ”My oh my.” With a tear in my eye.

He looks no jerk. He does not go berserk

“Why me? Why I “, I say with anger in my eye

“Why not you? How different are you?

From others who came long before

Many more than two?”

He wrinkled his cloak. I could not see any eyes

I thought of my life and what I had ahead

I wondered was it really just in my head?

“O.K.”, I said “If you are just in my head,

Then no harm can come to me. Not you onto me”

I clenched a fist and punched it high

Nothing happened at first then I hit:

What I think was an eye.

“My life comes first and power you don’t have

The only power you have was from I”,

I said aloud for him to hear.

So loud a man with one ear could still hear.

I took a kick and went right through

But still be did a grimace or few.

He is now gone and I am alive

Is it all gone my powers found

When death comes do not look in his eyes,

Remember my story and do not sigh

You too can win, can win as I.









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