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Some of my books which now number over 290


The Devil his deals and Hell by S Rob (Werevamp media)


Wolf magic power by S Rob (Werevamp media)


Cockaigne land of myth and magic by S Rob(Werevamp media)


Spider witchcraft by S Rob (Werevamp media)


Belenus druid god of light and healing by S Rob (Finbarr International)


3 Cups of power By S Rob (Finbarr International)


Earth magic of the carrot wanr by S Rob(Finbarr International)


Receive magic power the celtic way by S Rob (Finbarr International)


Grey grimoire of magical servitors By S Rob(Finbarr International)


Cesonius: God of lies trade and travel By S Rob (Finbarr International)



The power of gesture by S Rob (Finbarr International)


Magic mind rooms by S Rob (Finbarr Internationl)


Old folk magic by S Rob(Finbarr International)


The world as I see it by S Rob

(A book of poetry)


 Dave on Earth by S Rob


The Path by S Rob

(A book of poetry)


Develop psychic power: learn scrying 


Wild people: a history of wild acting people in Newcastle


See my play Contact site below for performance rights


My plays


An ordinary man


Odin visits Christ





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