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S Rob occultist author
S Rob is a professional occultist author. He has written more books on the occult than anyone else in the English language. He is the director, producer, writer, star and horror host of the feature length anthology film  "Horrormail", also the series "Horrormail Tales", and the 40 minute film "Protective Rite of the Gates" and many more. He is also available for psychic readings, casting spells, lifting curses etc. Also S Rob is available as an occult consultant/advisor for 
anywhere/anything where you may need to know about occult magick. In addition his youtube channel S Rob Occultist Author was voted in the top 75 occult youtube channels for occultists in the world: it came in at number 14. You can see this channel by clicking the S Rob's youtube channel button at the top of the screen.













S Rob occult consultant authorI

S Rob  is a professional occult consultant and author. S Rob's books have been read in many different countries and has clients who have sought his occult services worldwide. S Rob is a top paranormal expert on all aspects of the occult. S Rob is also a member of the world’s oldest paranormal research society: the Ghost club. S Rob is also the Ambassador at Large for the Instituto Imagick: a Brazilian paranormal/occult research society. S Rob is also an honorary ambassador for the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations: which gives him the title His Excellency: but he prefers S Rob. He also has an honorary doctorate from the Erich Fromm University: Doutor Honouris Causa. He also is the founder of the World Magick Movement an occult society. Also a professional author and member of the society of authors: a society for professional authors. S Rob has brought his occult wisdom to many tasks and has a wide range of skills including but not limited to: predicting the future, he is an empathy and can literally feel what other people feel irrespective of distance, he can communicate with the dead (both people and animals), he can cast spells, lift curses, find lost objects and also push away evil entities, and also perform exorcisms. S Rob started to learn the occult at age five and has decades of experience.  


S Rob is also a successful author and one of the world’s top occult consultants. He can also bring his substantial writing skills to many other uses too and can write on just about any topic: being also a highly productive writer. S Rob is a man who is literally never stuck for an idea. He has an endless source of inspiration within him.  

S Rob is also available to write for magazines, newspapers etc.. or to give his public or private opinion on any occult or paranormal matter at all. He knows very well that the world which we call “The real world” is just a thin sandwich filling based upon our own prejudices and opinions, and that there exists many other layers of experiences both within normal human experience and the expanded range of what is called the paranormal.


S Rob feels also the magic and the occult is life enhancing and that it has something to offer people in all aspects of their lives. It has the power to make a good man better and to give a bad one a better understanding of the world. In this world in which we live S Rob feels that correct occultism can unite people can perhaps even bring peace to people. He also is part of what he feels is a worldwide magic movement: the expansion of what people term occultism around the world which is natural with the expansion of science and the eventual complete understanding of things including what people term occultism and so will bring about a more complete world and people. Part of his aim is doing magick is to help people to have a better life, but also to help them see the value it has in their lives.


The aim of his books on the occult is enjoyment: but also to show people the power of magic to transform people for the better. How it can make them feels complete and let them see a wider view of the world than the one normally preached to people by the media. But S Rob just wants occultism to be there for people if they want it, so that everyone knows it is their birthright and that magic; occultism, psychic power and the paranormal belong to them just as language and maths does. Also as a sort of universal language or linkage that can bring people together.


S Rob is also a believer that the occult should be a part of everyone’s informal education. He feels that we all need bringing together so that we can see our similarities and our differences and that we need to transcend the mainstream media so that we can make our own judgements on the world and how it works and that occultism allows a person to embrace more of who they truly are and that a person shouldn't ever suppress a talent or belief and so has readers of all kinds with many interests and feels that the occult is compatible with all or no belief of whatsoever type that people can have. He is available to talk on the paranormal or to consult with, and also as an author on many topics. 








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